Guided city tours in Ludwigsburg

Travel back in time

The guided tours offer you an entertaining journey through time, enabling you to explore Ludwigsburg’s history by foot, by bike or with a Segway. The guides offer many different tours focusing on different topics, in order to provide the right tour for you. Meet fascinating personalities and listen to their amusing tales. Chat with the empire countess Wilhelmine of Grävenitz, who tells you stories about her time at the Palace, or talk to the town master mason "Frasoni", who is going to explain how he once designed the Residential Palace and the city itself.

Persons who are interested in art and culture can experience the city by bike and become acquainted with the multifaceted movie and theater city, whereas the connoisseurs have the possibility to explore the wine cellar on the vineyard of the Duke of Württemberg. The little ones can expect a "fairy-tale children tour" with exciting stories and many great adventures.

Main focus of the guided city tours

  • Guided history tour
  • Guided costume tour
  • Guided myth tour
  • Guided nature tour
  • Connoisseurs tour


  • Guided palace tour
  • Guided tour in the Blooming Baroque
  • Guided children tour
  • Guided group tour

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